Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Learning Together

Here at The Acacia Group we are committed to learning. On a regular basis we gather together and delve into a topic, usually an article or web site, to see what we can co-learn together. We find this to be a generative learning experience – the topic may not be directly related to the core social responsibility and leadership development work of The Acacia Group; however as we explore the topic we often find new ways to view the work that we are doing and the world that we are interacting with. It also helps that we genuinely like and respect each other and that we all enjoy a fine glass of wine and good food.
We find that our conversations are rich. What catches one persons attention may have been missed by the others –and the meaning that one person applies to a concept can be completely different then the next person’s.
Some of our topics have included the Characteristics of the Best Workplaces in Canada, Coaching across Cultures, Managing with the Brain in Mind, Wisdom in Three Acts, and The Tale of Three Organizations.
One of my favorite conversations ended up being about `Why would you choose an Acacia Group Socially Responsible Leadership Experience? Our answers: to gain intelligence and wisdom… a desire to do good… to be a part of creating what is still to come… to go into the lion’s den… for the growth and challenge… to experience community… to become connected to more… to breathe life in to the phrase Global Community… to be different than I am right now… to replace surface conversations about corporate culture with conversations that have depth and meaning… to learn about more than just one right answer… to frame my world differently… to find the most innocent thing that makes the biggest difference…

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