Sunday, November 1, 2009

Employee Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility

The following is an excerpt from this weekend's Globe and Mail (October 31, 2009, The business section, page B18).
...More than half of Canadians would be willing to accept a pay cut or a lesser job title in order to work for an organization with a sound corporate reputation a poll by staffing company Kelly Services has found. A company’s ethical behavior was cited as an important factor in deciding where to work by 97% of the 7,000 surveyed (!), with 53% saying they would take a pay cut to work for an employer with a reputation for caring about employees and the community. And 91% per cent said they would consider an employer’s efforts to reduce global warming when choosing a career. The percentages were nearly identical in all age groups. The findings indicate that “employees take pride not only in what they do while at work but in what they do while at work, but in what their organization stands for and how it is perceived by the entire community”, says Kelly vice-president and Canadian managing director Karin French.
It appears to be increasingly critical for an organization to examine it's business practices and the alignment with corporate social responsibility in order to be attractive to employees. Success in this area, we believe, is linked to the development of the organizations leaders.
What is your experience - does your organization retain you because of their corporate social responsiblity?

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