Saturday, September 26, 2009

Socially Responsible Leadership Experience - Nebaj Guat.

Over the past couple of years, we have been working on a concept that we think is pretty powerful. Our core concept is about connecting people and organizations who have a desire to make a difference in their world with a cross cultural experience that can galvanize them towards action. Sometimes, I think, each of us are aware that we want to do `something’ to make a difference, however we are not sure what the first step towards that `something’ might be. From my own experience of taking groups to Mexico to serve– I have experienced personally and have had the privilege of seeing others be changed and motivated to connect differently with the world.

We are currently in the process of organizing a fall residency to Nebaj Guatemala. We are really excited about this residency as it is our first opportunity to work with a partner organization called Social Entrepreneur Corps - a group that is doing some amazing development work in Guatemala and Ecuador.

While our website and materials speak about leadership and organizational social responsibility – The Acacia Group Experience is really about transformative personal learning and development as we would suggest that organizations are transformed when their leaders are transformed. We are limiting the group size to 12 and supporting them with 2 certified executive coaches. This experience is for individuals and organizations who want to both be different and lead differently in the world they are seeing. We will support each learner through coaching prior to leaving, throughout the experience, as well as upon your return.

Take a look at our information, check out our website, and give us some feedback (especially if you have questions about what we do). And if I can be bold, could I ask you to share this with people who you know and who may be interested in this experience OR just tell your friends about our great concept –

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